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January 22, 2008



I love hearing success stories like this aswell. That is so great! As a plus size woman myself it is good to see someone with such confidence and beauty shining through. It's tough to feel beautiful all of the time but finding a cute outfit that fits right and also for a good price can definatley be the cure. Stumbled upon a great website that had the hottest plus size fashions and for an amazing price you must check it out. I sent the link. Have a Happy Valentine's Day!


During her younger days,, my mom a plus size lady had many sucess stories like this, which I love to share but before that I have an important message.

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Thanks for reading this far

Womens Plus

Thanks for telling us a bit about Shanta... wish I would have read this post earlier and seen the show. Maybe if I google it I can find it somewhere. I just love inspiring stories like this.

All the best,

Plus Size Skirts

Shanta is gorgeous! We need more plus size models just like her.

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Thanks for telling this successful stories like shanta washington .If you had post me earlier i would have seen it.

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